The Story of TIPPMANN Physical Therapy

Every business has a story about how it began. Our vision is based on the experience Dr. Jen Tippmann had working as the on-site physical therapist at a country club in Florida. As the concierge physical therapist in the charming coastal town of Orchid, the treatment was on a one-on-one basis and therefore the patient had a personal relationship with their therapist. The patients were incredibly happy with this model and the results were outstanding! Medicare actually reported that her outcomes were top 2% in the nation.

Florida has had direct access to physical therapy for 30 years. In this setting, patients were calling directly to schedule appointments at the first sign of a problem. She was able to prevent many rotator cuff injuries on the tennis courts, because patients stopped by to talk to the physical therapist at the first twinge of shoulder impingement pain.

After six years in Florida, James & Jen Tippmann decided to move back with their children to their beloved hometown of Fort Wayne. Fortunately, the Indiana direct access bill was passed in 2013. Physical therapy in Indiana is now more convenient and less expensive to access. Having a physical therapist that you know and trust, is like having an old friend to call anytime you need expert advice on a musculoskeletal condition.